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The DeFi dashboardfor Celo

Manage all your Celo assets in one place with swaps, lending pools, staking and more.

Trusted by over 5 very average small businesses


A dashboard built for DeFi

Everything you need to leverage DeFi bundled into one easy to use and accesible frontend.

Token Swaps

Leverage Ubeswap (a fork of SushiSwap on Celo) to switch between your tokens with ease.


Stake your CELO with validator groups to earn passive rewards.

Governance Voting

Have your say in what happens on the network by voting on proposals.

Yield Farming

Provide liquidity and farm for yield with Moola Market (a fork of Aave on Celo).

People working on laptops

Trusted Worldwide

Access financial tools for a fraction of the usual cost

Plock is a transformative DeFi dashboard in that we integrate with as many partners as possible in the DeFi ecosystem. By picking Celo as the bedrock for our platform, we're building on top of the mobile first ethos and enabling anyone to access financial primitives.

10+Integrations are available for use via the Plock dashboard.

$1M+Staked and invested through the Plock dashboard.

98%Customer satisfaction achieved via accessible and straightforward interfaces.

12M+Issues resolved lacus nibh integer quis.